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Didier Gadroy & fils

Some advice

picto_thermometer_rdThe optimum temperature ?

To serve Didier Gadroy Champagne, a certain procedure should be followed :
Champagne should be stored lying the bottle down at 10-12°C (50-54°F), protected from light and strong smells.

It should be brought to the table initially when it has been chilled to 7-8°C (44-46°F) so by the time it is served and drunk it should have reached 9-10°C (48-50°F).

If the temperature is too low it will prevent the development of aromas.

Bucket or refrigerator ?

The best way of chilling champagne is by using an ice bucket half-filled with water and ice. The champagne reaches the perfect temperature in around 20 minutes. When short on time, two handfuls of coarse salt can be added to the water which will speed up the chilling.

In the absence of a very cool cellar or an ice-bucket, then of course one will turn to the refrigerator, choosing the cold area appropriate for the desired chill level. The bottle should be laid on its side, to avoid temperature differences between the top and bottom. Plan ahead: allow 2 ½ hours for one bottle, longer for more. So always keep a bottle of Didier Gadroy in the fridge.

Avoid freezer at all costs.
It requires more time than a bucket (40 minutes) and is a lot riskier:
› the bottle may simply explode
› the flavours may be destroyed

Coupe or flute ?

Coupe, also referred to as champagne saucer, is a shallow rounded glass with a flared lip and a shorter stem that looks a bit like a water lily. With its large surface area in contact with the air, champagne in a coupe quickly lose its effervescence. These glasses were highly prized a hundred years ago.

Flute is slim, narrow and very tall. Champagne in a flute preserves its liveliness and bouquet. Although it existed much earlier, it was not until about 1930 that it superseded its broader cousin.

Since then the flute has reigned supreme, even though in France people still say “Une coupe !” when ordering champagne in a bar.

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