Blanc de Blancs

This generous and supple champagne is made exclusively from champagne′s white grape variety Chardonnay.

This single variety wine is characterized by exceptional elegance and finesse.
A dosage of 7 grams of sugar is added per liter.

Blanc de Blancs is aged for a minimum of five years. We intentionally age our wines longer than the legally required period (minimum 15 months) so as to provide our customers with a wine that is at its optimum.

APPEARANCE : Pale yellow-golden color, balanced and attractive with a fine mousse and bead.
NOSE : Subtle and light bouquet of grapefruit-citrus aromas, floral notes of acacia and white flowers.
PALATE : Gradual and delicate finish demonstrating perfect aromatic balance and finesse.
Serve chilled at 7-8°C (44-46°F).

Blanc de Blancs pure and elegant style matches well Japanese cuisine and accompanies perfectly lobster and shellfish dishes.