Brut Rosé

This charming pink blushed champagne is both delicate and harmonious.

40% Chardonnay creates elegance and finesse.
50% Pinot Noir adding depth and color.
10% Pinot Meunier imparts freshness and rich fruit flavors.

Brut Rosé is aged for a minimum of four years. We intentionally age our wines longer than the officially required period (minimum 15 months) so as to provide our customers with champagne that is at its optimum.
A dosage of 7 grams of sugar is added per liter.

APPEARANCE : Illustriously pink with copper reflections.
NOSE : Dark red fruits and floral rose notes.
PALATE : Rich with concentrated fruit weight with distinguished floral and honeyed aromas complementing perfect balance between vinosity and freshness.
Serve chilled at 7-8°C (44-46°F).

Perfect for all occasions, Brut Rosé can be enjoyed as an aperitif but also lends itself perfectly to red fruit desserts such as strawberry mille feuille and raspberry-white chocolate macaroons.