Millésime 2007

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21,70€ incl. taxes the bottle 75 cl

This champagne highlights the expression of an exceptional harvest. This rare wine invites you to discover an outstanding and complex cuvée that delights all the senses.

45% Chardonnay creates elegance and finesse.
45% Pinot Noir adding depth and structure.
10% Pinot Meunier imparts freshness and rich fruit flavors.

Millésime 2007 is aged for a minimum of seven years. We intentionally age our wines longer than the officially required period (minimum 15 months) so as to provide our customers with champagne that is at its optimum.

A dosage of 5 grams of sugar is added per liter.

APPEARANCE : Golden highlights.
NOSE : Toasted and nutty overtones with exceptional balance and freshness.
PALATE : Citrus flavors, a rare combination of freshness and length.

Serve chilled at 7-8°C (44-46°F).

Millésime 2007 is traditionally served as an aperitif, though can be enjoyed with earthy produce such as truffles and wild mushrooms, it is also the perfect indulgence with seared foie gras.

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