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Our vineyards are mainly to be found in Bonneil and Azy Sur Marne, in Champagne vineyard area, in France.
Our vineyards are mostly situated on the southern slopes of the valley, which allows our grapes to receive the perfect sunshine.



The quality of our Champagne results in the first place with the greatest care to our vineyards.

For that, the winter is the season of pruning, performed on plant after plant, by hand, which lasts until mid-March.
Then comes the training: the vines and the shoots, that have been previously pruned, are put on to the wire “lieur wire” to be trained.
Throughout the spring and summer, we take great care to protect the vines against diseases and insects in environmentally responsible way.
When flowering starts, around 20th June, there are 100 days remaining before the harvest.
While waiting for the harvest, the branches are raised vertically and trellised, to be maintained by wires called “palisseur wire”.
Then, the newly growing shoots are trimmed to ensure a good photosynthetic activity.
Eventually, the harvest generally takes place in September, lasting ten days. However, the most suitable days are dictated by the weather. In keeping with the official regulations, all our Champagne grapes are picked by hand.


If the drink is to be considered as an authentic champagne, then, there are only three grape varieties that are authorized to be used in its production: Chardonnay, Pinot Noir and Pinot Meunier.

These must be grown only in specific areas of France such as Bonneil or Azy Sur Marne where we are located.

As a result, our Didier Gadroy collection derives their light, racy effervescence from the high quality of our Chardonnay grape. While Pinot Noir provides it with strength, boldness, and depth of palate. Finally, Pinot Meunier adds roundness, nuance, and fruitiness to our cuvees range.


Utmost respect to the land is in our heritage and it remains at the heart of our work. In fact, the excellent quality of our champagne owes much to the pure quality of our soil which perfectly nurtures our grapes.

Here are some figures to illustrate the fruits of our labour:

› Sustainable viticulture : 100% of Champagne Didier Gadroy vineyard in SUSTAINABLE VITICULTURE, guarantee by the qualification HVE, High Environmental Value, level 3.
› 90% reduction in insecticide usage over the past 10 years.
› 85% natural insect deterrent techniques.
› 40% reduction in grapevines disease over the past 10 years.
› 40% of our soil is allowed to rest leaving it fallow every two rows.

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Since July 2015, selected champagne vineries are protected by UNESCO status.

Champagne is famous all around the world, however, only a few connoisseurs so far have been aware where the authentic champagne comes from. They know that in order to have an excellent quality champagne, it must come from an exceptional soil. Bonneil is one of the few places where this type of exceptional soil can be found.

As a result, Bonneil and our vineries has been chosen as one of the three exclusive heritage champagne vineries to be awarded this special and prestigious status. This is primarily due to its slopes having a perfect full southern sunlight exposure which is much required to created a truly authentic and excellent champagne. In addition, Bonneil has been chosen because of its unique and authentic layout and location.